Workload Protection

With the emergence of cloud industry like Azure and AWS, users are moving their workloads to the public cloud. These workloads are typically the applications that they store in traditional servers. However, cloud providers only provide the storage, the CPU.

The responsibility of the security falls on the customer themselves, which bring the concern to inconsistent security posture. The management of complexity is the next key challenge. In a mixed environment where there are multiple brands of servers and infrastructure, it leads to multiple management console and this became hard for the IT personnel to maintain or search for any logs or incidents.

For those large environments who has multiple servers, it is hard for them to patch their OS or application in time. They often require proper planning and approval before they could do any updates. This results in a gap where servers are not patch timely, and attacker make use of these unpatched servers and abuse the loophole.

To address all these, we require workload protection.

Ingram Micro provides you the solutions to workload protection, whether in public/ private cloud, data center, physical servers or VM, with a single management console. 

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