Backup to Disk to Cloud

There are lots of IT organization who are still using traditional way of backing up their data to tapes. Based on statistics, 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape backup failures. Restoring is also an issue from tape to disk. Moldy tapes or there’s insufficient storage capacity to execute restoration by the time they want to restore.

Common challenges

Fragmented Backup - Each workload requires different sets of backup tapes, it ends with untraceable backup data, difficult to manage and difficult to maintain.  indexing can become a nightmare. 

Offsite Compliance - Service level agreement is compromised because of risk factors involved while doing tape offsite these are: Delayed tape delivery, media mishandling that leads to defective tape media, other factor such as loss of tapes and tape stealing is also one of the issues.  

Time to Restore - IT requires Offsite/Onsite delivery service to deliver the tape and most of the time, tape media delivery is subject to unexpected event such as traffic congestion, accident and any other form of delays.

Ingram Micro brings you the solution mitigate the risk involving tape media with Disks to Disks to Cloud Backup Solution.

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