Microsoft Surface as a Service

Access Latest Surface Technology Your Way
The rate at which new technology is developed and old technology becomes obsolete is driving many organizations to move from purchasing solutions outright, to leasing technology and accompanying services. 
Mitigate costs and increase business agility with a payment solution from our leasing partner; and benefit from a customized, integrated solution – that's affordable, flexible and secure – ensuring a smooth, well managed transition to modern workplace.
Key benefits through leasing
Increase Productivity
An accelerated hardware refresh allows employees to collaborate from anywhere using the most up to date devices and software.
Lead the market
Using the latest hardware and software, provides employees with the tools to  become more agile and market leading.  
Predictable costs
Mitigate costs with fixed monthly subscription. Reduces upfront investment, increases cash flow and are tax friendly.
Simplified IT
Reduce IT costs and focus on core activities. Hardware, software, and support services are all packaged together and provided from a  single source.
Enhanced Security
Sensitive data is protected at all times  using the latest Microsoft security services.
Faster deployment
Zero-touch deployment means devices can  be configured and deployed with minimal effort.
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Terms and Conditions:
  • Pricing stated above is based on Monthly payment for 24 or 36 months.
  • Lessee will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and insurance of the equipment during the term of the Rental Agreement.
  • These indicative prices do not constitute a legally binding commitment or oer by Ingram Micro to arrange Financing to customers on these or other terms. Ingram Micro reserves the right to change these indicative prices and/or withdraw these prices.
  • Ingram Micro reserves the right to change these indicative prices and/or withdraw these prices.
* Higher specifications of the devices are also available. Contact Us for more details.
** Based on 36-month leasing plan. Other options are also available.